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Thread: Season 2 - Weeks 15 and 16 Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamQuailman View Post
    Did you know Van Exel was a Buck before your previous owner shipped Finley here for Exel and Etan Thomas... REAL TALK! Kinda miss Van Exel... dude was a beast.. but Jerry Stackhouse and him are a great duo
    I wouldn't expect anyone to have thought he he would be playing this well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Conroy View Post
    I feel like I'm wasting my time compared to Sound.
    Quote Originally Posted by NOLa. View Post
    I think Sound just upped the standards in the league.
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    It'll be interesting to see who gets all league first team at the PG position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
    I wouldn't expect anyone to have thought he he would be playing this well.
    I agree with that 100%. I thought his play would decline
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