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Thread: New Poll: Who do you expect the Hornets MVP to be this year?

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    New Poll: Who do you expect the Hornets MVP to be this year?

    I'll go with Gordon. For some reason I can really see him staying healthy most of this year. That's all it should take for him to be MVP.

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    Gordon stays healthy, I don't think it's unrealistic to say we compete for an 8th seed.

    Can't say that about anybody else on this team.

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    I'm going with Ryan Anderson. If he performs the way he did last season, he is really productive.

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    Jason Smith

    Lol seriously though Gordon.
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    I'm going with Greivis. His skills, leadership, and passion will be a major factor in our wins.
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    eric gordon. gonna be one of the best sg's in the league.

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    This is too easy. Eric Gordon is the best player on this team, the most important player on this team, and he is the most valuable player on this team.

    His scoring, ability to spread the floor, his ability to get in the paint, his on ball defense, his ability to take over games, his scoring from anywhere on the court, his ability to get to foul line...need I say more?

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    Monty Williams. He's got his work cut out for him to develop Austin at PG along with Davis, Aminu, Xavier, Darius and Greivis. If thats going well I believe it'll translate to wins for this team. I chose Gordon for the sake of the poll though cause he's my close 2nd choice.
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    Gordon stays healthy then its his for the taking. But thats impossible to predict and it'll be a combination of Gravy and Anderson who carry the team should Gordon go down. Its a tough decision but overall I'll be the optimist and say Gordon.

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    I'll say Gordon, but only if he stays healthy.


    Could most definitely see Greivis being Most Improved Player, or damn near the MVP of our team.

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