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    I was talking about Aminu with some basketball folks,and noticed and article was posted about him on the site.Allow me to dwell on this for a moment.

    I have made comments about him in the past during broadcasts and on talk shows.

    -obvious length and physical growth potential
    -can tease you with momets of " this kid can be good"
    -How long do you wait?

    At the moment he still lacks the "quick decision" in his game,doesn't consistently take the opening and attack it.( Lack of confidence in his handle?) This is one of the reason he ranks so low in "finishing at the rim" Bottom 8 for his positon as the previous article mentioned.

    Also he exposes the ball in traffic,doesn't climb the defense,and explode to the rim,absorb contact.You would like a player with his athletic length to be able to :

    a- get into the lane for the mid-range game
    b- get to the rim,finish,and draw contact.
    c- enchance his "escape game" off the dribble.
    d- advance his "Move w/o the ball game.

    Keep in mind,you don't want 4 areas of your game questioned,its the fact that he has teased you in all areas.Would be nice to see him lock down two of them

    Aminu has displayed moments in the above areas,once again is the lack of stringing several positive plays consecutively that has hampered him total growth. ( I like to chart players for a 10 play series and see how they perform on both ends of the floor) Do this once or twice a game for a few games at certain points of the season and you'll see alot.

    I hope his game elevates this year,he's young enough still.

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    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    Nice read and I do hope he does SOMETHING, he hasn't showed me too much yet, except he has potential but this is the year to do something
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    His ball-handling is very suspect unfortunately and that skill doesn't improve much. If he wants to be a starter in this league, he needs to improve his decision making and his jumper. Otherwise he will just be a defensive specialist.

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    Absolutely spot on. I think he's in the perfect place too, as this season we have a lot of room to experiment with him. If he shows improvement, BOOM - we've got our starting SF. If he doesn't, BOOM - now we've got a role player with a well defined skill set and know exactly what to target over the offseason/draft.

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    Aminu over thinks everything while he's on the floor. Just go with the flow, don't pass up easy shots and don't think too hard about much else.

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    closing out the season, his shot was way more consistent and he had more confidence.. hopefully that carries over into this season

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    To be honest with you, Aminu Screams Travis Outlaw with a worse jumpshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BallSoHard View Post
    To be honest with you, Aminu Screams Travis Outlaw with a worse jumpshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpo_07 View Post
    This. T. Outlaw is a HOF...
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    Would have liked to have seen him show more in Olympic competition. The defense is a level or two down from the NBA and if he was primed to step his game up this season, he would probably have shown more at the games. I'm not so concerned about his finishing at the rim or his mid-range game in the lane. Some of that can be fixed by simply maturing physically. But his "escape" game off the dribble is a major concern. Your starting SF needs to able to get his own shot off the bounce. I'd give Aminu a long look this season, but if he doesn't progress substantially this year, I think you've got to move on.

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    how many people in the local media are capable of this kind of basketball analysis?

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