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Thread: What are you guys most excited about for next season?

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    2 words. Jason Smith mutha ****as!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman5805 View Post
    Whoops. Misspelled Rapiers.
    If we sign Kobe someday, maybe the Rapers would be a good fit

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    All-Star Ball Boy Nsingh93's Avatar
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    Watching Roger Mason ride the bench

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfernald View Post
    If we sign Kobe someday, maybe the Rapers would be a good fit
    Nah. We need to be Rapier than Rapers.
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    Okay... I'll give my honest answer.

    Seeing Anderson only improve and come into his own proving he can play w/out D12. Only making AD better.

    Watching Gordon stay healthy, become a cornerstone and winning back the fan base with some solid All-Star numbers while smiling.

    Robin Lopez becoming a very capable starting caliber C in this league when given starter minutes. He and AD are a better compliment to each other than most think.

    And finally, just to see either Aminu or Henry break free from the chains and one of them claim the 6th man role off the bench to come in and become a solid player on this team for years to come. Just all of the youth in general has me pumped, without Warrick and Mason, our average age is like 23 years old. That's amazing and if these players take a liking to Monty like some of the other young vets... it'll be both entertaining and unstoppable for not only now, but the future.

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