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Thread: What are you guys most excited about for next season?

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    What are you guys most excited about for next season?

    For me, it is to get to watch Anthony Davis play in his rookie season.

    How about you?

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    AD23, for sure. Second will be to see Austin Rivers develop.
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    Watching Gordon run the PnR with Davis. Have Anderson chilling for the corner 3.... Omg... I can't wait to watch that! How are you going to stop it? I don't know... Scary thought, eh?

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    I think Ryan Anderson will be an all star this year or in the years to come because with Rivers and Gordon off the pick and roll it's almost more deadly than Dwight Howard's post moves. Plus he never stops moving so slow defenders will be in the dust. I doubt he gets the fan picks but probably the coaches picks.

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    The return of Julian Wright
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    Im kind of excited about everything to be honest, i havent been this anxious for a season to begin in a long time. I guess im most looking forward to see if Gordon cements himself as an all-star and seeing exactly how good Anthony Davis is compared to the rest of the NBA.
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    Ryan Anderson playing string music!!!
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    I'm just excited for opening night. Stay standing until the first bucket? No thank you, I'm standing at least through the first quarter.

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    Interested to see what the coaching staff does with all the young pieces. And who becomes the closer? Not gonna always be Gordon as the team matures

    But overall, I've never been more excited about a season than this one. PUMPED
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    Watching Rivers develop without a doubt. Guess I'm the only one with enough foolhardy confidence to assume EG and AD will both be slam dunks.

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    FFFFFFFOOOOOORRRRRRRR DDDDDAAAAAAAVVVVVIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS... i was really excited about something and happened to be on this thread at the same time

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    Watching Aminu shoot from beyond the arc.

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    I can't wait to see the bayou brow come to town lol

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    Plenty of things to look forward to.

    EJ proving he's worth a max contract, AD's unibrow, Anderson nailing 3s left and right, and the Rivers experiment at point.

    So basically watching our core four grow and meld together, along with seeing if some of our role players can show consistent production (mainly Aminu and Henry).

    Should be a fun year!!
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    Myself? I'm most excited about finally, actually being able to watch this team on a nightly basis.

    All the other stuff is great. Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, a (hopefully) healthy Eric Gordon leading this team. But it would all be nothing if I couldn't actually watch the team.

    So, yeah, I'm pretty pumped about the chance to watch the team I've pulled for for the past decade.

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    Im ready to see the trio of Gordon, Davis, & Rivers with Anderson, Aminu, Vasquez, & Henry. PS: New User & my first post. Hi guys

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    I ready to see the potential of this team and just how exciting they can be. The other thing that excites me is there seem to be no head-cases in the bunch, which should make them hard and together.

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    to finally have a season with no bench marks and no threats of a move. to finally sit back and actually enjoy our team

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    Rebranding... just kidding... I think.
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    I want to see the dynamic duo of Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis. They might be the best pick and roll/ pop tandem in the NBA.

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    Can't wait to play the clippers!!! I hope the rivalry continues because that home game we won was the best game I've ever been to.

    Also how Davis will play against griffin shoul be interesting. I mean David did take his spot after he got injured and maybe Davis wants to show that he can out do griffin. Man I would love that. Screw griffin.

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    RIP HunnyB iNolaNightmare's Avatar
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    What Monty will do with probably the most talent he's been surrounded by as a coach. He's probably salivating at the defensive wall of Davis-Aminu-Lopez.
    "Its important to us to bring in good people, people who can fit in the locker room and people you want to root and cheer for. People that want to win. Were trying to build for the long haul. -Dell Demps

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    Watching EG and AD rip the Lakers a new one in an upgraded arena on FSNO in TRUE HD on most TVs in the metro area a day after practicing in an NBA quality practice facility without having to hear a bunch of corny puns and forced caterwauling in response or on a radio signal that doesn't drop or disappear once on the northshore.

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    Watching Austin cross the Lakers point guard up, Gordon dropping 40 on Kobe, and Davis slapping Gasol s*it

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    1. Anthony Davis being a monster on D.
    2. Eric Gordon almost being voted in the ASG because of his great play
    3. Austin Rivers develop a floated after his sick cross-over
    4. To watch the overreaction pengulum swing on this forum.

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