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Thread: Hornets Agree to Terms with Roger Mason

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterrich View Post
    I watched him miss enough open threes to know that me, and almost everyone I know would scream NO!!! everytime he took an open shot.
    I do not know you, but it sounds like you were in my living room last season. Arrivaderci, Bellinelli.

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    Starter Ryno_33 NOLA's Avatar
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    Needed a good veteran locker presence, so no complaints about this deal

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    Good pickup. Brings the ability to play the one and two like some people wanted.

    Good shooter, can hit a shot off the dribble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLT23 View Post
    will he be able to fill in for eric gordon for about 30 games next year???

    queue the Gordon lovers defending his injury history...

    but in all seriousness a solid end of the rotation guy, still think we need a more solid back up sg as opposed to a 12th man like roger mason
    You don't need a top notch BACKUP shooting guard when you have other players to fill in "if" Gordon goes. Two of those player are Rivers or Henry.
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    The team is shaping up good

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    Posting in a 50 page thread about the merits of Roger Mason.

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    I like the signing. He is a 86% free throw shooter as well!

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    I'm happy with the signing.

    I also got tired of Marco after awhile. His main job was to make open jumpers which he did at times, but he didn't provide much else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterrich View Post
    No, I don't really follow Mason, but I did watch every game the past 2 seasons thst Bellinelli was here, and I know that he did NOT help out our team. I watched him miss enough open threes to know that me, and almost everyone I know would scream NO!!! everytime he took an open shot.

    Now don't get me wrong here, I love that he always gave it his all, always put the team first, and was a very hard worker, but he really didn't help out our team. I don't know if your read Ryan Schwann's article on 247 about him, but there's all the statistical information to back up my point. And you can't tell me that during the Lakers series if he had been even average that we wouldn't have beat them. He missed open threes over and over again causing them to basically leave him open and double Paul, and he allowed their worst offensive player Artest/World Peace to eat us alive.
    Not disrespecting the man, just saying we are better off without him.
    I concur..I like Belielli as a person he seems like a hard worker and a good guy, but he is also one of the most frustrating people to watch. He just never developed his confidence and played scared most of the time. Didn't care much to keep him here.

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    A backup 2 that has a PER of 12.18, I mean Gordon's is 19.23 so 12.18 isn't too bad for a 31 year old backup. In 9 NBA seasons he has only gotten 2 technicals, has never been ejected, and played under coach Pop and next to Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli. Sounds like a PERFECT vet.

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    2012 highlights ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    sidenote: Doesn't it seem like Dell and Monty were scouting last year for potential players this year? Mason and Lopez both had season highs in the Hive. Maybe that kinda stuff just sticks with you haha.

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    Jesus. Every player in the league has a mix out there, it seems.
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    Nice article.

    Welcome Mr Mason !!!
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    Anyone has insight on his defense? Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaisingTheBrow View Post
    Anyone has insight on his defense? Anyone?
    Can't be worse than Belli's. He was pretty solid in San Antonio but i'm sure its dropped of a bit

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    Mason Jr. is the VP of the NBPA. If you're angling for a veteran presence, you could do a lot worse.

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    Good vet guy. Probably a lil worse than Marco, but much better guy to have mentoring people. I like it, but nothing to get excited over.

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    He's put out a lot of tweets about New Orleans. Sounds like a done deal but i haven't heard anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornetstime247 View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcNOLA View Post
    I like the signing. He is a 86% free throw shooter as well!
    That's only useful if he can get to the line.

    Remember Stojakovic? His 90%+ FT percentage went to waste in NOLA because he did nothing but take jump shots. I expect Mason to do the same thing.

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    He's definitely bringing a veteran presence.

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    Loved this signing, always been a massive fan. Seems like a top bloke, smart basketball player and a quality shooter who is pretty clutch. Also will be a stellar influence on players like Rivers etc. Much happier with this than Willie Green.

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