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Thread: Poingurding the Hornets

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    Poingurding the Hornets

    I have heard a lot of comments on who will be the starter point guard for the Hornets next season, and in average it looks like most people think Vasquez will start for a while until rivers is ready and then Rivers will take over. As part of this opinion, it appears that most people think that Vasquez is a temporary solution. I get the feeling that people are too carried away with names and characters. To be honest, I think that if we could ask Monty he would answer that he does not know who will be the long term PG for the Hornets, and this season is basically an audition program for that position. Therefore, it is possible that Vasquez could become the long term PG of the team, if he surprises with a particularly solid first half of the season. It is also possible that he only does and OK job, and after the second half Rivers takes over. It is also possible that the future PG of the hornets is not yet in the team. What do you think?

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    This year should be treated as a total experiment. Monty needs to figure out which pieces work around his developing young core. We need to see if players like Vasquez and Aminu are the role players this team needs, or if they need to start looking elsewhere. The way I see it, Vasquez should start at PG to see how he works with Gordon and Davis, but Rivers should be given plenty of opportunities as well. This year won't end with a championship, so I think the important thing is finding out who you want to keep and which positions are in need of upgrading. My prediction is that PG will be one of those positions.

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    I really do see Vasquez as a slower version of Tony Parker. He's only going to improve too.

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    I think Vasquez will be the starting PG from day 1. But Rivers is Monty's peg as the long term solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamQuailman View Post
    I really do see Vasquez as a slower version of Tony Parker. He's only going to improve too.
    not really the same player...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeBall Reasons View Post
    not really the same player...
    lawyered! but yeah agree. Parker without the speed is just... weird.

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    in all likelihood vasquez will start with the roster as is but i really think the way this team is constructed positions don't really matter

    gordon, rivers and vasquez can all be considered combo guards

    davis, anderson and smith are all tweeners that can be moved around as well

    it doesnt really matter what their "position" is because on offense it makes no difference and on defense with our length and speed we will be good in most matchups

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