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Thread: N/H Garnett Re-signs w/ Celtics

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    N/H Garnett Re-signs w/ Celtics

    Reportedly worth $34M over 3 yrs. I know some folks on here were hoping he maybe could tutor AD23...
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    That was never an option. KG wouldnt ever be a tudor unless it was as a coach or on the Celtics and they drafted the player.

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    What is a tudor? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawznola View Post
    What is a tudor? lol
    A tutor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawznola View Post
    What is a tudor? lol
    Above average show on Showtime?

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    This was a dumb move by boston, I would have only signed him to the same length pierce is under contract (the next 2 years) even if you had to overpay him. I'd rather pay 2 years 28 million. I really don't think they'll be competitive 2 years from now. I think they need to look to the future that year. Maybe this shows they think rondo is the present and not part of the future plans because he's under contract the same number of years as Garnett.

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    a lot of money for an old guy

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    I think Rondo is an exceptional talent, but I think being surrounded with Ray Allen, KG and Paul Pierce makes him look a whole lot better. And of course he makes them look a lot better at times too.

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    over 11mil/year? damn.

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    $18/ 2 years is an ideal contract or at least $24 / 3 years if you need a longer one. This $34 crap is too much.

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