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Thread: Hawks vs Kings

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    Hawks vs Kings

    -Vote for the team you think would win in a head to head game
    -Would prefer that you post and explain your vote a little bit
    -You can post a description in here about how you think your team matches up against your opponent
    -Feel free to discuss the matchups and argue all you want about who would win in the threads
    -You can vote for yourself

    Atlanta Hawks

    C Emeka Okafor
    PF Josh Smith
    SF Danny Granger
    SG Nick Young
    PG Jose Calderon

    Bench :
    Taj Gibson, CJ Miles
    Landry Fields, Eric Bledsoe
    Ed Davis, Francisco Garcia
    Jordan Crawford

    Quote Originally Posted by LoCo89 View Post
    With the starting group, plenty of offensive shooting power with Nick Young and Danny Granger at the 3 and 2 spots, with a decent point guard in Jose Calderon. Josh Smith has the ability to go outside on the perimeter or to bring it in from midrange to the rim providing even more scoring from the four. Finally at the 5, a defensive anchor in Mek, to help balance out the scoring from 2-4 spots.

    Bench provides plenty of scoring options and also has some defenders in Taj, Bledsoe, and Landry Fields


    Sacramento Kings

    PG: Ty Lawson / Brandon Knight / Nate Robinson
    SG: Wesley Matthews / JR Smith
    SF: Lebron James / Reggie Williams
    PF: Kris Humphries / JJ Hickson
    C: Marcin Gortat / Jordan Hill / Kosta Koufos
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    Can you add my bench to this too lol I'll edit it later so it'll be easier

    Mod over at reddit.com/r/NOLAPelicans

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    Yeah my bad, you posted it kinda funny and I forgot to add it, fixed it

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    My team all starts with Lebron. He's the best player in the game. Unless Atlanta wants to move Smith, they simply have nobody that can guard him. He will also make things too difficult for Danny Granger defensively, just like we saw in their playoff series. At PG, Jose Calderon is simply not quick enough to slow down the speedy Ty Lawson. Calderon will not be able to contain Lawson line to line and he would excel at pushing the ball. Wesley Matthews could force the shot happy Nick Young into taking some difficult and bad shots. Matthews is not a great defender, but he's good enough to slow down Young. At the four, if Atlanta decides to put Smith on Lebron you will have a offensive mismatch in Granger on Humphries. Humphries will be able to out muscle him downlow and will collect a lot of offensive boards. At C, this is the most interesting matchup. Gortat has the ability to put Mek in positions he does not want to be in. He can pull Mek out of the paint making things easier for guys like Lawson and Lebron, or he can force Mek into guarding those guys in the pick and roll which he can't do.

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    Kings win but that bench is just downright awful.

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    Kings, but only because they have James.

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    I love my bench.

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