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Thread: Season 1 - Weeks 5 and 6 - June 12, 2012

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    C-Erick Dampier-Keith Closs-Gheorge Muresan
    PF-Keith Van Horn-Horace Grant
    SF-Bruce Bowen-Corey Maggette-Wesley Person
    SG-Rip Hamilton-Rip Hamilton-Rip Hamilton
    PG-Gary Payton-Bobby Jackson-Cory Alexander

    Scoring options:
    1. Gary Payton
    2. Keith Van Horn
    3. Rip Hamilton

    Pace: Normal
    Trap Frequency: Normal
    Press Frequency: Normal
    Offensive Focus: Outside

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    San Antonio Spurs

    C: Elden Campbell-Travis Knight-Greg Foster
    PF: Larry Johnson-Jason Caffey-Danny Manning
    SF: Scottie Pippen-Jurmaine Jones-Scottie Pippen
    SG: Allan Houston-Kerry Kittles-Allan Houston
    PG: Jason Kidd- Damon Jones-Jason Kidd

    1.Armen Gilliam
    2.Roy Rogers
    3.John Starks

    Scoring Options
    1.Allan Houston
    2.Jason Kidd
    3.Larry Johnson

    Pace: Normal
    Trap Frequency: Normal
    Press Frequency: Normal
    Offensive Focus: Balanced

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    Feb 2012
    New Orleans
    C - Marc Jackson - Bruno Sundov - Elton Brand
    PF - Elton Brand- Monty Williams- Antawn Jamison
    SF - Antawn Jamison - Eddie Robinson - Michael Redd
    SG - Rodney Rogers - Michael Redd- Howard Eisley
    PG - Damon Stoudamire - Alvin Williams - Michael Redd


    Scoring Options:
    1. Antawn Jamison
    2. Elton Brand
    3. Rodney Rogers

    Pace- Normal
    Trap Frequency- Normal
    Press Frequency- Often
    Offensive Focus- Inside
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