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Thread: Lakers Bank thread *NEW*

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    Lakers Bank thread *NEW*

    Current Points:18

    2007-2008 Ending Points:
    2007-2008 Bank Starting Points: 33

    Trade With Clippers: -8 Points
    Trade with Knicks: -5
    Trade with Pistons: -2

    2006-2007 Ending Points: 33
    2006-2007 Bank Starting Points: 66

    Q Rich Perimeter D: -25 Points
    Sheldon Williams Inside Scoring: -30 Points
    Player Makes All Star Game: Tim Duncan: 5 Points
    Trade with Pacers: 10 Points
    Make the Playoffs: 10 Points
    Player named to All NBA Team: Tim Duncan 7 Points
    Player Averaged double double: Tim Duncan: 5 Points
    Player Top 5 in Scoring: Tim Duncan: 5 Points
    Luxury Tax: -20 Points

    2005-2006 Ending Points: 66
    2005-2006 Bank Starting points: 62

    Trade with Cavs: :5 Points
    *Removed 10 Points for making the playoffs. Can only claim make the playoffs or win the championship*
    Trade with Pistons: -2 Points
    2 Players Make All Star Game: 10 Points
    Trade with 76ers: -10 Points
    Trade with Celtics: -3
    Trade with Cavs: 4
    Win Conference: 12
    10-20 Game winning steak: 5 Points
    Tim Duncan 1st Team All NBA: 7 Points
    Tim Duncan Player averages Double Double: 5 Points
    Tim Top 5 Rebounding: 5 Points
    Make Playoffs: 10 Points
    Luxury Tax: -36

    Ending Points:62
    2004-2005 BankStarting points: 16

    Trade With Pistons (-10)
    Win Division- 10 Points
    10 Game winning Streak- 5 Points
    Improve record from last season by 10 Games- 5 points
    Player Named to All NBA Third team- Tracy McGrady- 4 Points
    Lead League in Steals- Allen Iverson- 7 Points
    Player in top 5 Assist- Jason Williams- 5 points
    Luxury Tax- -24
    Win the Championship- 30 Points
    (co)GM Of the year:- 15 Points
    6th Man of the year (Othella Harrington)- 5 Points
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    Train Sheldon Williams on free inside scoring

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