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Thread: Los Angeles Lakers Bank

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    Los Angeles Lakers Bank

    Net Team bank: 12

    Week 1-Player of the week (1): Stephon Marbury
    Player Played in All Star Game (1): Stephon Marbury
    Player Played in All Star Game (1): Grant Hill
    Team Article (3): LA TImes Lakers Midseason Diary

    Traded 6 points.

    Week 94:: Grant Hill scores 56 points (1)
    Week 20- Player of the Week (1): Stephon Marbury

    End of season- Player Made All-NBA 1st Team: Grant Hill (3)
    Team made the playoffs (1)
    Team made Conference Semi-finals (1)
    Team made Conference Finals (1)

    Traded for 4 Points - Timberwolves
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