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Thread: O-Fish PS3 NBA 2k12 League Information Need votes from playersrra

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrepP View Post
    What is you PSN name onpointlikecp3?

    You don't follow my Twitter, I lead yours.


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    cool. i think i already have you on my friends list. not sure tho. My PSN name is same as my name here if you want to send me an invite just in case.

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    I actually play. I try to friend request everyone I have to play so I know when they are online and vice versa.

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    The gamer formerly known as "gamerxisback" will now be called "SasukexNeji" and he'll be taking his talents to Indiana!

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    Jordan Crawford just received an injury just a few minutes into 7:34 minute mark in the 1st..an update will follow as new information is received.

    Sidenote: Durant, is indeed in the starting line-up versus the Mavs tonight despite having back spasms.

    Back to you Marv.

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