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Thread: HR 2012 NBA Fantasy Draft Picks

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    HR 2012 NBA Fantasy Draft Picks

    Make your picks here

    New Rules
    -12 rounds, snake draft

    -3 hour time limit to pick, 12 am to 8 am doesn't count against your time limit. If you miss you get skipped, and you can pick whenever you get here, if you don't pick before the round ends you might be replaced

    -Once you pick, message the person after you that they are OTC, everyone's name in the 1st round is a link to their inbox to make this easier

    -draft current NBA players, and after the draft all the members of HR will be able to vote in tournament matchups which team goes on

    -you can trade picks and players

    -feel free to post a picture and/or a short description about your pick

    Round 1
    1. CP3forMVP (Kings)- Lebron James
    2. bojangles837 (Warriors)- Kevin Durant
    3. Mr. West- (Pacers)- Dwight Howard
    4. Bee-Fense- (Celtics)- Chris Paul
    5. BeeBall Reasons (Magic)- Dwyane Wade (traded hornetstime, then ballsohard)
    6. Whodatman504 (Hornets)- Kevin Love
    7. Hornets78 (Jazz)- Kobe Bryant
    8. rbow (Knicks)- Carmelo Anthony
    9. asimoV82 (Spurs)-Andrew Bynum
    10. Grizzlies (available upon request)-Russell Westbrook (traded to NOH)
    11. SharlieCheen (Thunder)- Derrick Rose
    12. janjanjanjan3- (Suns)- Blake Griffin (traded to rubicon)
    13. neitzelbaby12- (Wizards)- Dirk Nowitzki
    14. silverfoxx- (Timberwolves)-Eric Gordon
    15. Rubicon (Rockets)-Deron Williams
    16. Ballsohard- (Raptors)-Rajon Rondo (traded to hornetstime)
    17. sleepingbunch- (Cavaliers)- Rudy Gay (traded to beeball reasons, then to janjan)
    18. AussieNOHfan (Pistons)- Pau Gasol (traded to Ballsohard)
    19. Kyrios (Sonics)- Lamarcus Aldridge
    20. NOH2313- (Bulls)-James Harden (traded to kaitos)
    21. NOH2313 (Bulls) (from hornetstime247)- Chris Bosh
    22. Coughka (Bobcats)- Demarcus Cousins
    23. LoCo89 (Hawks)-Josh Smith
    24. onpointlikecp3 (Bucks)-Greg Monroe

    Round 2
    25. Bee-Fense (via Hornetstime247, via Trell, via nolaslim)-Tyson Chandler
    26. LoCo89-Danny Granger
    27. Coughka-Serge Ibaka
    28. Aussie (via Hornetstime247)- Tony Parker
    29. Hornetstime247 (via Aussie, via hornetstime247, via NOH)-Tim Duncan (traded to beeball)
    30. Kyrios-Al Jefferson
    31. sleepingbunch(via hornetstime247, via AussieNOHFan)-Marc Gasol
    32. bojangles (via onpointlikecp3, via Trell)-Stephen Curry
    33. Ballsohard-Andre Iguodala (traded to hornetstime)
    34. janjan (via Rubicon)-Steve Nash (traded to Beeball)
    35. Silverfoxx-Kyrie Irving
    36. neitzelbaby12-Paul Pierce
    37. janjanjanjan3-Joakim Noah (traded to Kaitos)
    38. SharlieCheen-Amare Stoudemire
    39. Kaitos-Al Horford (traded to janjan)
    40. asimoV82-Kevin Garnett
    41. BeeBall Reasons (via rbow)-Manu Ginobili
    42. Hornets78-Ersan Ilyasova
    43. Whodatman504-John Wall
    44. rbow (via BeeBall Reasons)-Joe Johnson
    45. Ballsohard (via hornetstime 247, via Bee-Fense)-Roy Hibbert (traded to Aussie)
    46. Mr. West-Ray Allen
    47. onpointlikecp3 (via bojangles837)-Zach Randolph
    48. CP3forMVP-Marcin Gortat

    Round 3
    49. CP3forMVP-Ty Lawson
    50. onpointlikecp3 (via bojangles837)-Monta Ellis
    51. Mr. West-Kyle Lowry
    52. Aussie (via hornetstime247, via Bee-Fense)-Luol Deng
    53. BeeBall Reasons-Paul Millsap (traded to janjan, back to beeball)
    54. whodatman504-Andrew Bogut
    55. Hornets78-Nene
    56. neitzelbaby (via rbow)-Brandon Jennings (traded to janjan)
    57. asimoV82-Danilo Gallinari
    58. janjan (via Kaitos)-Javale Mcgee (traded to BeeBall, back to janjan
    59. SharlieCheen-Kevin Martin
    60. janjanjanjan3-Paul George
    61. rbow (via neitzelbaby12)-Goran Dragic
    62. Silverfoxx-Chris Kaman
    63. kaitos (via janjan, via Rubicon)-Ricky Rubio
    64. hornetstime247 (via Ballsohard)-Brook Lopez (traded to Ballsohard)
    65. bojangles (via onpointlikecp3, via Trell)-Deandre Jordan
    66. beeball reasons (via hornetstime247, via AussieNOHFan)-Nicolas Batum
    67. Kyrios-Jeremy Lin
    68. sleepingbunch (via hornetstime, via NOH)-David Lee
    69. Aussie (viahornetstime, via Trell,via hornetstime)-David West
    70. Coughka-Marcus Thornton
    71. LoCo89-Jose Calderon
    72. onpointlikecp3-Jrue Holiday

    Round 4
    73. onpointlikecp3-Gerald Wallace (traded to hornetstime)
    74. LoCo89-Emeka Okafor
    75. Coughka-Mike Conley
    76. Bee-Fense (via Hornetstime247)-Ryan Anderson
    77. NOH2313-Kendrick Perkins
    78. Kyrios-Tyreke Evans
    79. sleepingbunch (via hornetstime247, via AussieNOHFan)-Caron Butler
    80. sleepingbunch-Demar Derozan
    81. sleepingbunch (via hornetstime247, via Ballsohard)-Andre Miller
    82. Rubicon-Nikola Pekovic
    83. Silverfoxx-Kenneth Faried
    84. rbow (via neitzelbaby12)-Anderson Varejao
    85. janjanjanjan3-Arron Afflalo (traded to neitzel)
    86. SharlieCheen-Wilson Chandler
    87. NOH (via Kaitos)-Klay Thompson
    88. asimoV82-Kawhi Leonard
    89. rbow-Chandler Parsons
    90. Hornets78-George Hill
    91. Whodatman504-Jason Terry
    92. neitzelbaby (via rbow, via BeeBall Reasons)-Luis Scola
    93. hornetstime247 (via Bee-Fense)-Andrea Bargnani (traded to Ballsohard, back to hornetstime)
    94. Mr. West-Carlos Boozer
    95. bojangles837-Derrick Favors
    96. CP3forMVP-Kris Humphries

    Round 5
    97. CP3forMVP-Wes Matthews
    98. bojangles837-Gerald Henderson
    99. Mr. West-Shawn Marion
    100. hornetstime247 (via Bee-Fense)-Rodney Stuckey (traded to neitzel)
    101. BeeBall Reasons-Chauncey Billups (traded to janjan)
    102. whodatman504-Michael Beasley
    103. Hornets78-Marvin Williams
    104. rbow (via neitzelbaby, via rbow.)-Thaddeus Young
    105. asimoV82-Lou Williams
    106. Kaitos-Tayshaun Prince
    107. SharlieCheen-Samuel Dalembert
    108. janjanjanjan3-Evan Turner
    109. rbow (via neitzelbaby12)-Tiago Splitter
    110. Silverfoxx-Dorell Wright
    111. Rubicon-Rip Hamilton
    112. hornetstime (via Ballsohard)-Iman Shumpert (traded to Ballsohard)
    113. onpointlikecp3 (from Trell)-Kemba Walker
    114. AussieNOHFan-Tony Allen
    115. Kyrios-Jared Dudley
    116. kaitos (via NOH2313)-Grant Hill
    117. kaitos (via NOH2313, via hornetstime)-Brandon Bass
    118. Coughka-Trevor Ariza
    119. LoCo89-Nick Young
    120. sleepingbunch (from nolaslim)-Jamal Crawford

    Round 6

    121. onpointlikecp3-Bismack Biyombo
    122. LoCo89-Taj Gibson
    123. Coughka-Gordon Hayward
    124. sleepingbunch (via Hornetstime247)-Richard Jefferson
    125. NOH-Shane Battier
    126. Kyrios-Gary Neal
    127. sleepingbunch (via hornetstime, via AussieNOHFan)-Devin Harris
    128. sleepingbunch-Dejuan Blair
    129. hornetstime (via Ballsohard)-Udonis Haslem (traded to onpoint)
    130. hornetstime (via neitzel, via janjan, via Rubicon)-Jason Kidd (traded to Bee-Fense)
    131. Silverfoxx-Jeff Teague
    132. neitzelbaby12-Channing Frye
    133. Beeball (via janjanjanjan3)-Omer Asik
    134. SharlieCheen-Jarrett Jack
    135. Kaitos-Ian Mahinmi
    136. asimoV82-JJ Redick
    137. BeeBall Reasons (via rbow)-Courtney Lee
    138. Hornets78-Mike Dunleavy
    139. Whodatman504-OJ Mayo
    140. hornetstime (via BeeBall Reasons)-Robin Lopez (traded to onpoint)
    141. Bee-Fense-Carl Landry
    142. Mr. West-Antawn Jamison
    143. onpointlikecp3 (via bojangles837)-Derrick Williams
    144. CP3forMVP-JJ Hickson

    Round 7
    145. CP3forMVP-JR Smith
    146. bojangles837-Glen Davis
    147. Mr. West-Danny Green
    148. Ballsohard (via hornetstime, via Bee-Fense)-Mario Chalmers
    149. BeeBall Reasons-Darren Collison
    150. whodatman504-Elton Brand
    151. Hornets78-Zaza Pachulia
    152. rbow.-Isaiah Thomas
    153. asimoV82-Raymond Felton
    154. Kaitos-DJ Augustin
    155. SharlieCheen-Enes Kanter
    156. Rubicon (via janjanjanjan3)-JJ Barea
    157. Beeball (via janjan, via neitzelbaby12)-Al Harrington
    158. Silverfoxx-Thabo Sefolosha
    159. Rubicon-Jason Thompson
    160. hornetstime (via Ballsohard)-Spencer Hawes
    161. sleepingbunch-Hedo Turkoglu
    162. Ballsohard (via AussieNOHFan)-Mareese Speights
    163. Kyrios-Jeff Green
    164. NOH-Mo Williams
    165. sleepingbunch (via hornetstime)-Tyler Hansbrough
    166. Coughka-MarShon Brooks
    167. LoCo89-Landry Fields
    168. bojangles (via onpointlikecp3)-Chase Budinger

    Round 8
    169. onpointlikecp3-Wes Johnson
    170. LoCo89-Ed Davis
    171. Coughka-Ekpe Udoh
    172. Bee-Fense (via Hornetstime247)-Brandon Rush
    173. NOH-Lamar Odom
    174. Kyrios-Steve Blake*
    175. AussieNOHFan-Leandro Barbosa
    176. sleepingbunch-Steve Novak
    177. Aussie (via Ballsohard)-Marcus Camby
    178. Rubicon-Vince Carter
    179. Silverfoxx-Matt Bonner
    180. rbow (via neitzelbaby12)-Delonte West
    181. ballsohard (via hornetstime, via neitzel, via janjanjanjan3)-Ronnie Brewer
    182. SharlieCheen-Anthony Randolph
    183. NOH (via Kaitos)-Ramon Sessions
    184. asimoV82-Nick Collison
    185. neitzelbaby (via rbow)-Toney Douglas
    186. Hornets78-Kyle Korver
    187. Whodatman504-Jason Smith
    188. Ballsohard (via hornetstime, via BeeBall Reasons)-Ben Gordon
    189. Bee-Fense-Metta World Peace
    190. Mr. West-Corey Maggette
    191. bojangles837-Shannon Brown
    192. CP3forMVP-Jordan Hill

    Round 9
    193. CP3forMVP-Brandon Knight
    194. bojangles837-Greivis Vasquez
    195. Mr. West-Boris Diaw
    196. Bee-Fense-Stephen Jackson
    197. janjan (via BeeBall Reasons)-Brandan Wright
    198. whodatman504-Avery Bradley
    199. Hornets78-Amir Johnson
    200. rbow.-Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
    201. asimoV82-Mickael Pietrus
    202. Kaitos-Willie Green
    203. SharlieCheen-Terrence Williams
    204. Rubcon (via janjanjanjan3)-Sam Young*
    205. janjan (via neitzelbaby12)-Reggie Evans
    206. Silverfoxx-Hassan Whiteside
    207. Rubicon-Gary Forbes*
    208. Aussie (via Ballsohard)-Al-Farouq Aminu
    209. Bee-Fense (via Hornetstime, via Trell)-Mike Miller
    210. onpoint (via hornetsime, via AussieNOHFan)-Patty Mills
    211. Kyrios-Darell Arthur*
    212. NOH-Gustavo Ayon
    213. hornetstime (via Bee-Fense, via hornetstime)-Jason Richardson
    214. Coughka-Anthony Morrow
    215. LoCo89-CJ Miles
    216. onpointlikecp3-James Jones

    Round 10
    217. onpointlikecp3-Darius Morris
    218. LoCo89-Eric Bledsoe
    219. Coughka-Byron Mullens
    220. Aussie (via Hornetstime247)-Tyrus Thomas
    221. NOH-Corey Brewer
    222. Kyrios-Joel Pryzbilla*
    223. AussieNOHFan-Luke Ridnour
    224. Ballsohard (via hornetstime, via trell)-Alonzo Gee
    225. neitzel (via Hornetstime, via Ballsohard)-Chris Andersen*
    226. Rubicon-Greg Stiemsma*
    227. Silverfoxx-Dominic Mcguire
    228. rbow (via neitzelbaby12)-Kevin Seraphin
    229. kaitos (via janjanjanjan3)-Patrick Patterson
    230. SharlieCheen-Baron Davis
    231. Kaitos-Jerryd Bayless
    232. asimoV82-Timofey Mozgov
    233. neitzelbaby (via rbow)-Marquis Daniels*
    234. Hornets78-Beno Udrih
    235. Whodatman504-Gilbert Arenas
    236. BeeBall (via janjan, via BeeBall Reasons)-Carlos Delfino
    237. Bee-Fense-Marco Belinelli
    238. Mr. West-Jordan Farmar
    239. bojangles837-Tristan Thompson
    240. CP3forMVP-Reggie Williams

    Round 11

    241. CP3forMVP-CJ Watson (traded to Ballsohard)
    242. bojangles837-James Johnson
    243. Mr. West-Drew Gooden
    244. Bee-Fense-Chuck Hayes
    245. BeeBall Reasons-Jameer Nelson
    246. whodatman504-Matt Barnes
    247. Hornets78-Renaldo Balkman
    248. rbow.-Gerald Green
    249. asimoV82-Rashard Lewis*
    250. janjan (via Kaitos)-Larry Sanders
    251. SharlieCheen-Andray Blatche
    253. janjanjanjan3-Tracy Mcgrady
    254. neitzelbaby12-Linas Kleiza*
    255. Silverfoxx-Josh Mcroberts*
    256. Rubicon-Jimmer Fredette*
    257. hornetstime (via Ballsohard)-Brendan Haywood
    258. hornetstime (via Trell)-Jason Maxiell
    259. Ballsohard (via AussieNOHFan)-Kirk Hinrich*
    260. Kyrios-Will Bynum*
    261. NOH-Ben Wallace
    262. hornetstime-Rodrigue Beaubois
    263. Coughka-Kwame Brown
    264. LoCo89-Francisco Garcia
    265. hornetstime (via onpointlikecp3)-Randy Foye

    Round 12

    266. hornetstime (via onpointlikecp3)-Charlie Villanueva
    267. LoCo89-Jordan Crawford
    268. Coughka-Jerome Dyson
    269. Aussie (via Hornetstime247)-Jan Vesely
    270. NOH-Dahntay Jones
    271. Kyrios-Troy Murphy*
    272. AussieNOHFan-Norris Cole
    273. CP3 (via Ballsohard, via hornetstime, via Trell)-Nate Robinson
    274. CP3 (via Ballsohard)-Kosta Koufos
    275. Rubicon-Jodie Meeks*
    276. Silverfoxx-Derek Fisher*
    277. neitzelbaby12-Xavier Henry*
    278. janjanjanjan3-Jonas Jerebko
    279. SharlieCheen-Daniel Gibson*
    280. Kaitos-Rudy Fernandez
    281. asimoV82-Andris Biedrins*
    282. neitzelbaby12-Kenyon Martin*
    283. Hornets78-Luke Babbit
    284. Whodatman504-Martell Webster
    285. BeeBall Reasons-Mehmet Okur
    286. Bee-Fense-Aaron Gray
    287. Mr. West-John Lucas
    288. bojangles837-Eric Maynor
    289. Ballsohard (via CP3forMVP)-Cole Aldrich*
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    First off this is pretty cool and can we comment on the picks?

    Oh and count me in if someone drops
    Last edited by BeeBall Reasons; 04-30-2012 at 06:31 PM.

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    'Round Shreveport
    This was a pretty doggone cool idea.

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    thanks and ya comment on the picks all you want

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    When does it start?

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    when will the draft start?

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    as soon as Coughka picks

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    Coughka just messaged me and said he wants to pick Al Farouq Aminu.

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    You should draft owners and coaches too, Michael Jordan and Vinny Del Negro please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. West View Post
    Coughka just messaged me and said he wants to pick Al Farouq Aminu.

    Yeah I'm just going to wait on my pick until that issue in the other thread gets resolved.

    He might have to include the new user and re-order the draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeBall Reasons View Post
    You should draft owners and coaches too, Michael Jordan and Vinny Del Negro please.
    Heck why take MJ when Donald Sterling is still on the board. Also if we are drafting GM's, Jeff Bower top 3 pick IMO

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    This is awesome

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    So can I assume this shindigg won't get off the ground until tomorrow? I'm ready for sleep

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    LeBrons gonna totally fall to the 11th pick 8)

    "I'm not going to allow my putative owner to answer that question, this is an NBA related press conference. Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have collectively sung their praises of Tom and if uh ESPN has a problem with that tell Mr. Skipper to call me at my office."

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!! Bee-Fense's Avatar
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    Just wondering, will the trading of picks be allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bee-Fense View Post

    Just wondering, will the trading of picks be allowed?
    If so, i'll take some cash considerations

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    The Franchise bustahyndes's Avatar
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    Guru clear out your inbox man...ps. anyone looking to trade picks PM me

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    Yeah trading picks is allowed, gonna post the new draft order in a minute

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    new order is up! CP3forMVP is OTC

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    Pretty cool. Mr. West's Avatar
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    Heck yeah 3rd pick!

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    Seriously? I fell 9 picks. Faaaaaail.

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    is this draft ONLY for current nba players or are we also including this years draft class with people like anthony davis and bradley beal? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOH2313 View Post
    Seriously? I fell 9 picks. Faaaaaail.
    i fell like 6 dont sweat it haha, atleast i get an early 2nd
    also im taking trade offers

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    or what about after the draft is complete we do another random draft and we all get 1 pick from this years draft class to add to our current roster? Just an idea!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NOH2313 View Post
    Seriously? I fell 9 picks. Faaaaaail.
    i fell like 6 dont sweat it haha, atleast i get an early 2nd
    also im taking trade offers

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    Fire Monty!! Contributor AD23forMVP's Avatar
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    With the 1st pick, the Kings select:

    Small Forward, Lebron James
    PelicansReport.com Sim League
    New Orleans Hornets General Manager

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