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Bee Bite: 2011.08.15

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Countdown: 32 days, ~1250 season tickets to go, 35 parties left

Countup: Day 46 of Lockout

I wish I could say Iíve never seen adults acting like this, but I canít. sadly, Iíve seen it at work. At any rate, weíre officially dealing with billion dollar babies. These guys are fighting about who canceled a meeting. Yes, really.

Thanks to an article on West and Graysonís twitter skills, we bring some updates on your New Orleans Hornets . . . and recent Hornets, I suppose.

All of the above is dwarfed by the amount of material springing up in reaction to Bill Simmonsí podcast with David Stern. He discusses the ownership situation in New Orleans, the outlook for the NBA in the city, and contraction among other things. There is, of course, CBA talk. I guess the $1m fine doesnít apply to him.

Carry on.

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