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This week on Hornets Beat we focus mainly on lockout stuff. We also offer up some potential names for D-League and WNBA teams in Louisiana. Additionally I threw in some sweet pictures of animals for no reason other than that I find them interesting.

Joining us this week is Chris Trew, a nationally touring comedian, Air Sex host and co-founder of The New Movement. Joining him is our very own 42, Jake Madison from Swarm and Sting, and Mason G from HoopDat. I throw my two cents in as a last minute replacement as well.

1. Fact or Fiction- The largest contributing factor to the Hornets finding a local owner is a small market friendly CBA.

Chris Trew, Comedian - Fact, I think. Perhaps the real largest factor is whether or not Chouest, Morris Bart and Lilí Wayne can find a fourth horsemen. I vote Ric Flair. Woooo!

This is purely for your entertainment.

42, Hornets247 - Fiction. Under the recent CBA the Hornets can generate positive operating income, yet have net losses due to long-term debt being carried. The team could repeat this yearly, even without playoff revenue, if they have people in the stands. The key is getting the people to be ďIn;Ē local ownership will emerge if they arenít signing up for humiliation.

Jake Madison, Swarm and Sting - Fiction. Gary Chouest was close to buying the team under the old CBA. While a small market friendly CBA would certainly help, I donít think itís the largest factor. The new CBA, small market friendly or not, will help with finding a local owner. The biggest factor is finding someone locally who is interested.

Mason Ginsberg, Hoopdat - Fact. The CBA isnít all that matters, but it inherently controls so much about the future of the franchise that it has to be the most important factor for any potential local owner.

Joe Gerrity - Fact. With a friendly CBA the Hornets go from money losers to money makers overnight, even for down years in New Orleans. That will go a long way toward them finding a permanent home here.

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