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Thread: 13 Full Season Tickets Sold at Our “I’m In” Event

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    13 Full Season Tickets Sold at Our “I’m In” Event

    Joe Gerrity - Hornets247.com

    On Monday I hosted an event for the New Orleans Hornets on behalf of Hornets247 and Hornets Report. President Hugh Weber was in attendance as well as some other Hornets brass in order to talk to potential season ticket holders and answer any questions that they may have.

    The Hornets brought “I’m In” signs, buttons, and stickers, as well as numerous snacks and deserts. Just in case there was any doubt that this was in fact a New Orleans party first and foremost, they brought a bartender and drinks along with them as well

    When the dust settled the Hornets had added 13 new season tickets and seven brand new season ticket holders. Although we had hopes of setting records, 13 new season tickets on a Monday night during a lockout ain’t bad. Thanks to those who came and bought tickets, and to the Hornets for bringing the party.

    As proof that there was an open bar, you can hear me say “player strike” instead of “lockout” in the very first question.

    Read the complete article, see the video @ Hornets247.com

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    This was awesome. I would have had more food but I didn't want to move when Mr. Weber was talking.
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