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    Logo News...

    Someone left the cat out of the bag if you ask me. It looks like the "logo" we saw on nba.com is in fact the logo that will be used by the team for the time being. Now hold up. Don't call for my banishment just yet. I have the source. Whether you trust them or not is up to you. My source is the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Yes, I've been snooping around a government website. I'm not proud of it. But this is what I found:

    Looks familiar?

    It seems there is an application on file to have this trademarked. Here is the info:

    Trademark Info

    Goods and Services IC 016. US 002 005 022 023 029 037 038 050. G & S: Publications and printed matter, namely basketball trading cards, dance team trading cards, mascot trading cards, entertainment trading cards, stickers, decals, commemorative basketball stamps, collectible cardboard trading discs, memo boards, clipboards, paper coasters, post cards, place mats of paper and plastic, note cards, playing cards, memo pads, ball point pens, pencils, pen and paper holders, desktop document stands, scrap books, rubber stamps, paper banners and flags, bookmarks, 3-ring binders, stationery folders, wirebound notebooks, portfolio notebooks, unmounted and mounted photographs, posters, calendars, bumper stickers, book covers, wrapping paper, children's activity books, children's coloring books, statistical books, guide books, and reference books in the field of basketball, magazines in the field of basketball, catalogs featuring basketball-themed merchandise, commemorative game programs, paper pennants, stationery, stationery-type portfolios, greeting cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards, statistical sheets for basketball topics, newsletters and pamphlets in the field of basketball, bank checks, check book covers, check book holders, credit cards and telephone calling cards not magnetically encoded, electronic publications in the nature of magazines and newsletters in the field of basketball provided over the internet; coloring books in the nature of drawings and pictures provided over the Internet; catalogs provided over the Internet featuring an array of basketball-themed products, and other goods and services.
    Design Search Code 032306
    Serial Number 78149449
    Filing Date July 31, 2002
    Owner (APPLICANT) Charlotte Hornets NBA Limited Partnership Shinn Enterprises Incorporated, a North Carolina corporation PARTNERSHIP NORTH CAROLINA 100 Hive Drive Charlotte NORTH CAROLINA 28217
    Attorney of Record Anil V. George
    Type of Mark TRADEMARK
    Register PRINCIPAL
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    I guess the only thing to determine is if its official, when it will come out ( and what the exact colors will be. What do you all think?

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    A great find. Logo's still a bit disappointing

    You'd be happy , too.

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    Great find GA. That's worth a +1 for sure

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    nice find

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    It's really crazy. If you go to the site, you'll see Shinn has filed about 18 different applications regarding the logo and the name New Orleans Hornets from the logo itself, to the name, and the print of it. He's really trying to cover himself and his investment.

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    Yeah, I think you are correct. It looks like NBA.com let it out earlier than the announcement. Since that is in black and white, I guess I can still hope for more (or some) use of purple in the logo.

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    Well, they only had 9 trademarks the last time I checked so they filed 9 more. I think that puts to rest the idea that they are changing the nickname.

    GA, are you going to post this on both news pages or should I?

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    "...dance team trading cards..."

    I guess they are going to make us wait "a few weeks" for these, too!

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    Or rebuild houses.

    But it can let a city know...

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    Welcome back, New Orleans.

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    GA, here's a link to it on our server to put in the news page.
    Put it in the "Scoop" section on the other page, please

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    Great find, GA!

    Anyone wanting to see the information for himself (or herself) go to USPTO.gov and enter New Orleans Hornets as your search term.

    You should find 18 listings for the term.

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    Originally posted by spongey
    Well, they only had 9 trademarks the last time I checked so they filed 9 more. I think that puts to rest the idea that they are changing the nickname.

    GA, are you going to post this on both news pages or should I?
    I've done this one already. I'll do the other when I get hom... back from the store.

    The first nine you speak of was for the name only. That was done in January. The ones for the logo were done July 31st.

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    Yeah, CharlotteDude, those babies expire within about a minute after you link to them. Appreciate the tip.

    Let's see if this works:


    Hmmm. So far, so good.

    Click on "Basic" search & the rest is self-explanatory. That should about do it.

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    Great find GA! It looks the same to me. We can only hope for the best with the colors. But, it looks like Bdiddy24 and HF have the right logo. Maybe the NBA wouldn't let the Hornets change the logo that much yet. I'm sure there will be more tweaking in the future.

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    I think there will be a rational change in logo and colors in a year or two!

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    Thats kool GA i did the same exact thing right before i came back to th forum board.Darn you beat me to it.I was very curious.LOL
    Hornets for NBA Champs!

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