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Thread: Any new playoff songs out this year?

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    Any new playoff songs out this year?

    Just curious. I wouldn't mind hearing the guy who did Buzz '08 come out with an updated version, Buzz '09.

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    Not sure if you heard the song called Go Hornets by Da Future last year but we have an updated version this year that I will put on here for yall to download. Below is a video AJ made with the song last year. Da Future is my cousins by the way guys.

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    What kind of media player do I need? Im gettin a BLANK screen. Can you help a brotha out?

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    Doc, just go to youtube and search new orleans hornets song. Click the one that aj642 made. He is a member on this forum

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    Getting me hyped up for the game again
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    Also, that's how octopi talk. They squibber. Yes, it's a word. Shut up.

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