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Thread: which name sounds better?

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    Whatever southdownus.

    You asked for our opinions and that is exactly what you got.

    I am sorry you didn't find the overwhelming acceptance of your proposal that you thought you might, but that's life. We have been discussing, debating and arguing about whether a name change was in order and what possibilities existed since the relocation was announced. It's pretty much been debated to death, with the general consensus being that New Orleans Hornets is a fine name and about the only acceptable alternative would be to get the Jazz name back (but that is virtually impossible).

    You have your obvious opinion about your proposed name, and we have ours. You asked for our opinion and we responded accordingly. If anyone liked the idea, they would have let you know. The only reason this thread is begining to degrade into trash talk is because you won't let the issue die - you seem to need the last word.

    It's time for everyone to just walk from your change the name threads and move on to other matters. Besides, a name change is completely out of our hands. We do not own the team and the owners say they will remain the Hornets. Any application to change the team name must be filed 18 months in advance so the first season that the Hornets could play under any other name would be the 2004-05 season - and after 2 years of the New Orleans Hornets it will be even more difficult to implement a change.

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    Originally posted by HORNETSFAN

    Yeah, I can see your loyalty. Your first post here was not until after the team was approved to come here and then, the ONLY thing you post about is some ridiculous name just to stir crap. So you even know the team we are getting, or were they "way before your time?"
    yeah,you right.i did only start to show interest after the approval.
    thats what it took for me to believe.see,i remember the front page of the times picayune proclaiming "we got em" way back when this city thought we secured the timberwolves.it was the biggest typo in t-p history!and i did'nt come here to stir the pot.
    i came for unbiased opinions regarding the name change. i can see the majority of posters here had already made thier minds up,way before i appeared. and i still have yet to hear a name thats worthy.

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    Originally posted by southdownus
    i know he can smoke al hirt!
    Ever smoke a white owl. I got one for ya!!!

    Congrats on being the target of everyones jokes last night. Like it was said in a previous post, even those who don't post here think the name is retarded. Thank you for giving us something entertaining to talk about. And don't worry, we were laughing with you, not at you!
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    I think this poster has flamed enough. This thread is going nowhere, so I think it should be closed and we move on from this topic.

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