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Thread: Newbie here everyone

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    Newbie here everyone

    First post here everybody. Finally found a hornets board to talk with other fans. Hornets fan in Illinois you guys are probably like yeah right. But I have been a huge fan since the days in Charlotte. My 2 favorite college players were Kendall Gill and Larry Johnson, Im a huge University of Illinois fan, but when those 2 guys were drafted in back to back drafts I became an instant fan and have been a loyal fan ever since. Been through all the ups and downs as a fan over the years. Just when you think they are going to be really good it all falls apart. All the way back to the mid nineties when they traded My guy Kendall Gill for Hersey Hawkins and then traded Mourning away although that was expected Johnson & Mourning hated one another. Then with Mashburn, Davis & Magloire I always thought we should have won more. Then the hole Chris Paul, David West, Tyson Chandler thing. If it wasnt for management spending cap space when they didnt need to and getting rid of Chandler to early, I like to think what could have been. But thank god Benson bought the team we won the lottery like we did in 91' and hopefully we wont screw it up. After this year get the Rashard Lewis contract off the books and get a big fish next year and keep developing the young guys and we should be pretty good. Not to mention in my opinion we have the most underrated gm and coach in the game. Hate to be long but its great to finally be able to talk with some hornets fans as you can imagine not many here in Illinois. And to finally watch the games on League Pass this year without listening to the other teams announcers since we finally got a tv contract.

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    Welcome to HR!
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    Good to have you. A fan that goes as far back as you should have no problem acclimating to the HR community. Welcome.
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    Welcome bro!!!! Great to have fans who know there stuff!!!
    True Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by 42 View Post
    Show off mabuhay! LOL

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    It's not that strange that you aren't in New Orleans. There are a lot of people on here from over seas and different parts of the country...hell I'm in San Diego! But with that said, people will rag on you here no matter where you're from!!!

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    And yeah, shiiit im from Jersey lol, Hornets fans from all over the world
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    Welcome aboard my dude. Have fun over here.

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    also a welcome from germany, i am also a hornet since the early 90`s. The big Hornets family is a Global one !

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    You stole my line . Welcome ILLHornetsFan !!!
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    yo yo

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    Welcome from Alaska!!

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    Have fun. Enjoy your stay. Don't get too close to Eman's fillet knife. You'll be fine.

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    Welcome from Portland, ME during the week, Nola on on the weekend

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    Welcome from Boston.

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    WELCOME to the board!
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