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Thread: When did the Hornets organization take over this website?

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    Originally posted by NC Dude
    Guys, we are hearing the WLW is also using some home cooking in reporting as well. I heard a local Radio Station (WBT) saying they have been trying to work with WLW to share news and info between the cities, but that WLW has not been forthcoming. Could it be they are also putting their (potential) profits ahead of the a news organizations purpose of reporting facts? They are probably hoping for the new contract with the Hornets... So the Cht Disturber is not the only crap reporting tool.....
    What is WLW? Are you referring to WWL? The radio station WWL-AM is owned by Entercom. I would imagine any sharing arrangement would most likely be worked through the Entercom media mega-conglomerate.

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    Yes, my mistake. WWL in NO was the station they were referring too....

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    should I send him this email I just wrote?

    In response to this paragraph in your article “Will they or won't they?”
    “Since the Hornets’ relocation application to New Orleans in January, Shinn and Wooldridge have made disparaging remarks about city leaders and Hornets fans. They’ve even started a Web site called "neworleanshornets.com" that gleefully tells of Charlotte’s shortcomings while offering one-sided accounts of the team’s personnel decisions and negotiations with Charlotte leaders.”

    I would like to congratulate you on what must have been a fact-finding expedition upwards of three minutes. Where do you get your information, and do you even decide to follow-up on it to see if it’s correct? I would seriously like to know how you divined that the neworleanshornets.com web site was started by Shinn and Woolridge.

    Did you even decide to visit the site? Or did you just assume that since it was for the “New Orleans” Hornets that it absolutely must contain nothing but slander against Charlotte? Had you visited, you would have noticed that the main page displays just about EVERY news article from any source, even your “un-biased” Charlotte newspapers.

    And as for the one-sided opinions? Well, the only place I can think that you might be talking about is the message board. And yes it is mighty one-sided ever since they had to kick out all the Charlotte posters who kept being obscene, and wouldn’t settle down and talk basketball. And besides, the web site is called “neworleanshornets.com” not “everyonegetsalollipopandwealldanceandsingtogether hornets.com” so of course we may be a little biased towards New Orleans.

    Once again, I thank you for your in-depth editorial, and praise your astounding fact-finding abilities, as well as your un-bias.

    Oh, one more thing. Pardon my shoddy writing, but I’m just a college student, and I’m not getting paid to write this. What’s your excuse?

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    and what was his response?

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