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New Orleans Jazz - Year One

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New Orleans Jazz - Year One
        The 1974-75 Season

The Olympia Brass Band entertains the fans and the team before their
first-ever home game.  (Municipal Auditorium, 1974)

In the fall of 1974, the Jazz took to the floor for the first time—actually, the floors, as both the Loyola Field House and the Municipal Auditorium served as home sites in that first year (the Superdome was not yet completed). Neither facility held more than 7,000, and neither was up to par for pro basketball. The Field House had a leaky roof, inadequate heating and cooling, and an elevated floor, which resulted in a safety net being placed around the court. The Auditorium was not much better, an aging facility that was geared more towards theatrical and social events than sports

Nevertheless, the first-year club was highly entertaining for the fans. After an 0-11 start, they got their first win against Portland when Maravich sank a shot from the corner as he fell out of bounds with no time left. Alas, that was to be Scotty Robertson’s only victory, as he was fired a week later with a 1-14 record. Bill “Butch” van Breda Kolff (often known simply as ‘VBK’) became head coach, and the Jazz seemed to respond, winning 18 of their last 35 games and finishing 23-59, last in the Eastern Conference’s Central Division. Pistol Pete was 5th in the NBA with assists that season and played in the NBA All-Star Game. Average attendance was 4,954-- a respectable number considering the venues the Jazz played in that year and their record.

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